I quit.

16 April 2019

Okay so I haven’t blogged in a few months and I thought I’d explain where I’m going and what im doing at the moment. 
Throughout the years I’ve always had a blog, or some kind of website, if I were to  add up the years of me working on websites and being on social media it would definitely be over 10 years now, though when people ask how long I’ve been blogging for I’d say 6 years now, but that’s just how long I’ve had this blog for. I changed the name of it multiple times and then I was just like I’ll just use my name, which tbh I wish I didn’t. I had so many names for previous websites and I don’t know why I didn’t just use one of them. Anyway, that doesn’t matter. I just want you to know I’ve always been apart of having a kind of project on the internet to work on. Now I feel like the only thing I’m doing is keeping up with social media which I know shouldn’t be the only thing I should be working towards but I wanted it to grow, and my following to grow to then be able to put something out online and I’d have a few people to be there to enjoy what I put out. This time last year I was creating videos, and only one went out. I even said I’d create more blog posts and that resulted in less than the previous year. 

All the years I’ve been creating I’ve seen the internet change so drastically and therefore I’ve changed so fucking much, my style has changed, my photography has changed, what I like and don’t like has changed and I think this is the outcome of me trying out different things and doing less of some thing or more.
And from this I now know I’m going to change my mind in a couple of months and then from that drastically change in a years time. I know that bloggers don’t do this, because that’s how they keep their audience they stick to what their followers like. But if I’m honest that’s just not me. 
I’m not here to put up an image of me in jeans standing on the sidewalk. Though maybe I once used to do this, because, well that’s what I thought I liked or what people liked and that’s just not me. I’m here to create and create something I think is me, rather than trying so hard to be different. I’m just being who I am, a creative and that’s why I’m quitting this for now. Instead I’m working on a website so I can publish editorials and I’ll be doing this on here until the website is ready.

My work will always get better, but my style will always change.

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