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5 April 2020

Thought id do a life update, things have obviously changed so drastically lately with the whole lockdown. I feel like I’m stuck in limbo, a really nice place waiting to get to the other side. Why am I enjoying this so much but always hating it? Definitely feel like were stuck and the future is unknown. I’m really enjoying it because I get to create more but Inspiration is just coming from within. If you’re bored get unbored and spend this time getting creative! Draw, paint, get the sowing machine out, paint your face. Makeup and fashion is a way to escape and pretend for a little that you’re about to go out - I do this everyday now its so much fun.
Currently its been about 2 weeks ish the UK has been in lockdown, but wherever you are it’s probably best to stay indoors until this blows over. I’ve also got back into working out, since I’m not walking anywhere anymore this is essential! 

I put together some outfits above and I honestly forgot what it was like to look head to toe alright! These ripped thigh jeans are actually so flattering, put some jeans on and go for a walk! The second outfit this black cowl neck lbd made me feel hella boujee, forgot what that feels like entirely! Once quarantine is over this is what ill be wearing out, might be my favourite lbd yet! I'm also wearing seamless control briefs underneath which again made me feel amazing in this dress. Check out Femme Luxe's sale now. Seriously though put a dress on and see how you feel after.

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lucinda xo

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