lessons learnt: working from home in 2020

25 June 2020

Now that things are slowly going back to normal, or the new normal there will be a lot more jobs that involve working remotely and from home, therefore I thought I’d talk about a few things I learnt within lockdown and the past couple of years that I’ve been working from home. 

There’s serval things I need to do to maintain my happiness and the motivation to work at home and I definitely think if you do one, few or all your motivation and positive outcomes will rise.

scroll for tips and outfits I wear working from home.

1. Creating a tidy space around you. This is something I’ve noticed being at home all the time as that if the space around you is kept tidy I’m more motivated to continue working each day. However this isn’t something I always keep on top of, so this is a reminded to myself to keep each room tidy or at least the space you work in tidy most days. It’s removing what makes you feel anxious withinin a space to then create space within your mind to work. 

2. Exercise and the outdoors. Looking at the world for a part of my day keeps your mind focused as it’s focused elsewhere for a moment. This is somewhat meditation for myself as I’m not in my thoughts as much whilst being outdoors. 

3. Makeup/getting ready for your day. This seems weird but makeup and dressing up can make you feel more confident that you may accomplish your work or just have a better day. Dressing up for the day isn’t something that I believe you need to do to feel more motivated hence my outfits here(white crop top, black crop top and tie dye pink top all from femmeluxe)- this is what I generally wear at home as I like to feel comfortable, however this could help you for example wearing jeans and a shirt, for me if I just put my bra on I feel like i’m going to get something done that day. Generally getting ready like taking a shower, putting clothes on, doing your makeup are all things that will help you work. 

4. Having a balance between work and life. This is something I struggle with but I am trying to make a change and stop working by a certain time of the day. I highly recommend you at least stop working around 5/6, or if you’re like me and for some reason like working in the evenings take a long break in the day to clean or something to get your mind off work then get back into it in the latter part of the day. 

5. Tea breaks. Of course have breakfast, lunch, tea breaks, this is what helps me just talking little breaks, putting on motivational music or any music. Having just a cup of tea and watching a video on YouTube as a break is something I do to make my day more productive in a way. Usually I'll watch videos about meditation or something educational rather than watching Netflix as this doesn't help you get back into your work roll. 

And that's it! Hopefully if you do one or a few or all of these your life at home will be more entertaining and motivate you to get your work done. Thanks for reading!

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Lucinda x


  1. These tips are great. Definitely agree that getting ready for the day and having a tidy space to work from make a huge difference.

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